The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal is a university that is passionate about teaching and also learning from their students. At UKZN we understand the importance of student participation and involvement in creating a growing, improving and innovative Institution. We strive to create an inviting and friendly environment to encourage and create a sense of belonging, importance and value in this regard. We believe that every student matters and students are what make the University.

The University has come up with an interesting, fun and informative Campaign where students tell us their day to day inspirational quotes/motto to establish the most inspirational one which will win a prize.

We found out what keeps our students going and what encourages. Students came up with all sorts of inspiring mottos; you couldn’t help but be inspired. Students from all campuses had a lot to say and were very excited about sharing something they all could relate to. They responded to the Campaign by showing up in their numbers in support of this initiative.

Each campus has its uniqueness, but what was constant throughout was the level of energy students at each campus exuded and their positivity.

Judging from the inspirational quotes they read and submitted, it is obvious our students are highly optimistic about the future, their capabilities and pursuing their dreams regardless of obstacles.

We understand the impact of letting students know the value they add to the University. Student’s views, ideas, perceptions and visions are taken into account when deciding on matters relating to the University. When students know that they matter and are contributing to shaping a better Institution for themselves, excellence and confidence is triggered where there had been doubt and skepticism.

When we, the University, assure our students by running campaigns like this and show that we believe in them, they start believing in themselves. The University promotes leadership and encourages boldness. We inspire greatness!
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    March 06, 2013
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    March 06, 2013
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    March 06, 2013
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    March 06, 2013
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    March 06, 2013
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    March 06, 2013
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    March 06, 2013
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    March 06, 2013
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    March 06, 2013
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    March 06, 2013
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